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If you’re looking for library software. You’re in right blogs…! Until today i’ve found about 4 library software. You can choose which one is fit into your organization.

  1. OpenBibblio at http://obiblio.sourceforge.net/
    OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality. You have to install Apacher server, PHP and MySQL database.
  2. FreeLib at http://freedom-institute.org/id/index.php
    Freelib adalah alternatif program yang berlisensi GPL (General Public License) dalam bidang perpustakaan yang dikembangkan diperpustakaan oleh pustakawan berbasis FOSS yang bebas digunakan untuk pengelola perpustakaan. freelib dibuat dengan bahasa pemrograman Gambas (Gambas Almost Means Basic) yang merupakan salah satu produk open source dan murni proyek dibawah naungan GPL. Pemrograman Gambas berjalan di lingkungan Linux dan di Windows kita mengenal Visual Basic namun Gambas bukan kloning dari Visual Basic.Linux.
  3. Senayan at http://senayan.diknas.go.id/web/
    Senayan is an open source Library Management System. It is build on Open source technology like PHP and MySQL. Senayan provides many features such as Bibliography database, Circulation, Membership and many more that will help “automating”  library tasks. This project is proudly sponsored by Pusat Informasi dan Humas Depdiknas and licensed under GPL v3.
  4. PHPMyLibrary at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=37605
    This one just another modification from openbiblio i think.
    But it still free.

Now you can choose which one is you library software, there is still another but it’s demo version like library manager at http://sawansoft.cjb.net/ or athenaeum at http://www.sumware.net/athdownload.php

It’s all your choice.