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It’s about Christmas at my office.

I’m looking for some software than can work like easyworship or other. But i don’t like to use it cause it’s not free.

Now, i’ve found another alternate. Just write “worship presentation” at my Google Search Box and i found these:

  1. OpenLp.org
    You can download it at www.openlp.org
    Yes…, it’s free cause Jesus set we are free. This can play presentation form Office or OpenOffice, play a movie and picture.
  2. OpenSong.org
    You can download it at www.opensong.org
    When i try this one, i think it’s better to choose this one. Cause it’s simple and it can presentation with only one monitor. And it can save our song with Chord on it. Just try it.
  3. EasiSlides
    This one i found by accident, but it’s the best one. You have too install Net Framework 2.0 before you can install it. It’s look like EasyWorship that My Church bought.
    You can download it at www.easislides.com.

Now if you looking for Free Worship Presentation just try 2 of that.
See You and God Bless You.