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I’m still a programmer at my office and since there is new regulation about software license. Now i choose to use another programming language.

From website to website, blog to blog until i found this usefull free software, and there is a lot of free software. For now i’m just list 2 of them, it’s :

  1. SharpDevelop (Visual C# like)
    Web :  http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/
    First time i want to learn this but there is some problem like :
    – i’m still don’t understand how to connect to my old database like dBASE
    – how to create report with SharpReport
    – C/C+/C++/C# isn’t new for me but hard to understand.
    – I’ve already connect to mysql data from my computer, but it doesn’t work from another computer.
  2. Lazarus (Delphi like)
    Web : http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/
    Now i choose this one cause it’s very easy for me and i can create new application in second…
    Here some factor that cause me to choose this programming language:
    – It’s delphi like. If you know Pascal, so you know Delphi and you will know lazarus too.
    – It can create report with fastreport component in instant.
    – I’ve already known pascal than C#.
    – You don’t have to install Net. Framework to instlall it.
    – It can be simple to connect to my old datebase (DBASE or Foxpro database)

From that list i’ve to choose which one that i will learn more…
I hope this information usefull for You to choose. I’ve found another too like QT4 but i’m still don’t understand how it work…